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Day Trading

Day traders take on some of the greatest market risk of all.
Because day traders work with investments that change drastically within hours,
they are by nature playing in the lion’s den.

These stocks are extremely volatile, and for most, day trading is a quick way
to lose a great deal of money. It is difficult to make a great deal of cash
in this manner, and it is even more difficult to forecast the outcome of these
day trade stock options. You cannot be certain of the overnight position
(the net value at which a stockbroker or day trader will open the
following morning).

And in Forex, there is little room for day trading, as the market never shuts
down during the workweek. In these cases, the day trader has to set a time
limit for him- or herself to get out, selling all shares, so that he or she
can sleep soundly while the world spins round and start the next day fresh.

Day trading is very dangerous and is not recommended to newcomers.
In fact, it is not really recommended at all, and most people who partake of this
volatile part of the industry are extremely seasoned in trading on the open market, do not consider the risk factors carefully enough prior to entering this branch of the market, or have enough money that they simply wish to try this form of investment and do not care if they lose a goodly sum.

Day Trading      
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